Paintings of human figure

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Free Figuration
Little Nude with a chignon

"Little Nude with a chignon"



"Three seated nude girls"

Girl with buttercups

"Girl with buttercups in her hair"

 girl wit a crown of flowers

"Girl with a crown of flowers in her hair"

The drinker in blue dress

"Woman's head built-in the background"

" The Drinker in blue dress with orange dots "

cadre nue debout chien.png

" Standing Nude with her dog at the foot "

Woman's head on a multicolored background

"Woman's head on a multicolored background"

"Blond girl crowned with flowers at the beach"

Little girl with bubble gum
Woman's head her hand in her hair

"Woman's head her hand in her hair"  

smoker with asilver lighter

"The smoker with a silver lighter"

cadre nue debout aux chats.png

" Standing nude with 2 cats in the legs" 

nude girl at mid-thighs

"Nude girl at mid-thighs"

Teenage girl with a zany smile

"Little girl with bubble gum" 

 "Teenage girl with a zany smile"



female head with glasses

"Female head with Dior Glasses" 

"Man's head inlaid in a red decor"  

 "Little girl in pigtails"

 "Little girl in pigtails"

Head of woman

"Head of woman on green background"

Woman head with red lips

"Woman head with red lips"  

"Mid-body nude girl"